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Villa Butterfly is situated in a very quiet district of a romantic old fishing village called Postire (Brac, Croatia). The architecture and construction style of Villa Butterfly is primarily characterized by quality, elegance and simplicity. Sustainably and professionally used contemporary materials and equipment correspond perfectly with each other and along with hard and sharp building contours make the compromise between traditional and modern.

The front of the building facing the street is built in the traditional insular construction style.  The main entrance with a frame made of solid stone and above it just one window which frame is also made of solid stone, are typical for the traditional insular construction style due to protection of strong winds and sun. However, the opposite side of the building facing the sea, at each of its three floors, consists of four slide wings, out of which each is 2.20 m long and 2.30 m high.

At the height of one meter, balcony wings are covered with safety glass which is slightly darkened, but not too much so that the view is not hindered. Around each aluminium frame, stone frames are built in the façade and covered with the natural stone, they make up the harmonious entirety of traditional and modern architecture.

Since the building is on slightly sloping ground, that is, the first floor is at the level of the street, the main entrance into the house is there. On a side of the building there are stairs leading down from the upper terrace to the lower one, swimming pool and side entrance to the basement of the building. In the basement, there are a spacious hall, two apartments with bathrooms for guests and a drawing room from which inner stairs lead from the basement to the the first i.e. medium floor (mezzanine). At medium (mezzanine) floor there is a very spacious living room (app 80 m2). There is also a reception hall and a toilette for guests. From the first, medium floor, very wide steps lead to the second and last floor. Considering that relaxation and good sleep are essential in human life, the building investors have paid special attention to bedrooms and bathrooms which are on the last floor. Dimensions of the bedroom and bathroom are 40 m2 +20 m2 and the height is 4,5 m. All the rooms on that floor have the height of 4.5 m.

Magnificent and stunning views from terraces and rooms at each floor along with all other characteristics, is also plus value. Sophisticated construction, exceptional isolating features  as well as material and equipment used in constructing the building, enable the guests to have an extraordinary comfort and pleasant micro climate, not only during the long hot summer but also during the winter with strong winds periods which are common on almost all islands.
The elegant simplicity of Villa Butterfly along with the best construction materials and branded equipment are the main characteristics of the entire building whether the interior or the exterior of the building is concerned. We would also like to point out some other pleasant details such as top lighting, super modern air conditioning system, beautiful inner doors, walls made of the same material as doors, smartphone control of air conditioning and heating, parking lots and gates, audio and video communication with guests and a lot of other conveniences.

Actually the thing which could be of the most interest for the future owner is the fact that during the Villa Butterfly construction we basically leant on innovative technologies, top material and equipment and also on experience and professionalism of our sub-contractors. Simply said: the building has no drawbacks, no hidden faults which later can unpleasantly surprise a future owner. Villa Butterfly is meant and made for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Port of Postire, Brač
Port of Postire, Brač